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Save My HSC
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Patrik Fekete
Patrik Fekete
10:06 15 Oct 22
Definitely made my HSC 10x better, Paul is an amazing teacher
jeorgie brown
jeorgie brown
02:42 25 Jul 22
So helpful ! I have improved so much in just a short period of time. Overall the best.
08:18 17 Jul 22
Great tutors helped me a lot with the HSC and with knowing what to do after the HSC
Pri Bandara
Pri Bandara
01:40 19 Jun 22
My son finds Paul's tutoring very helpful. Paul's genuine interest in English literature, history, cultural details etc... comes through and it is shines light on young people in this 21st century technocratic world. We need more people with such passion for these important aspects of human society to save humanity from a tech-focused oblivion and navigate in the right direction. Thanks Paul.read more
Dilara Kocak
Dilara Kocak
08:11 01 Mar 22
Literally the best English tutor I’ve ever had. When my own English teacher didn’t believe in me and egotistical peers... would make fun of the ‘stupid’ questions I asked in Advanced English, Paul helped me to see my potential and make me love English. I would genuinely look forward to tutoring, and would feel like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders as he supported me in the work I had difficulty with. I ended up getting a 83 in Advanced English in 2021 for my hsc. Obviously what my year went through was a bit different, I’m pretty sure my grade was capped and trials were not consistent throughout the state. But in the end, I proved to my teacher that I was in fact an Advanced English student, and feel amazing now that I am better able to express myself (which will also help me in uni and has helped me in hsc with my other English based subjects). Basically, Paul is the best, he is a respectful, punctual, dedicated and supportive. #PaulSavedMyHscread more
Stephen Baldwin
Stephen Baldwin
05:29 02 Sep 21
Paul's passion is to tutor students to the best of their ability - I would recommend Save my HSC to every parent
toto rasputin
toto rasputin
07:35 19 Oct 20
Professional tutors who ensure that each pupil reaches their potential.Amazing ethos.
Jonathan Skelton
Jonathan Skelton
11:50 06 Sep 19
Thanks to Paul, over the last year I was able to go from fairly average marks of 70-75 in English advanced to 2nd in my... year for year 12 HSC!! Paul is extensively knowledgeable in numerous texts and subjects, and is an extremely encouraging and motivating tutor.Our weekly meetings allowed me to clarify my analysis of texts, brainstorm their broader implication /connections with other ideas, and overall improve my thinking and writing clarity. He is very enthusiastic about the subject, and is a clear and creative thinker.As an English tutor, I highly recommend Paul and am grateful for all his help. Without out him, I am sure none of this would have been possible.read more
Angus Mullins
Angus Mullins
09:33 16 Nov 17
Everything was extremely helpful, Paul was exceptional in his ability to connect with me and create a customised way... for me to get feedback and improve my writing. Thanks a tonne Paul!read more
Julie Sheather
Julie Sheather
02:50 27 Oct 17
Save My HSC has helped my son Tom in two ways. Firstly, Paul reignited a passion for English, and secondly at every... milestone Tom's marks have improved. Paul is a wonderful and inspiring tutor.read more
Lucia Andreoni
Lucia Andreoni
04:25 21 Dec 14
Save My HSC Tutoring was a huge help during my final time in the HSC. I received great advice and feedback which gave... me confidence to prepare and succeed in my English Advanced course. English was the subject I found most difficult at school and before the tutoring I was honestly doomed to fail the exam. Now I am so happy with my HSC mark and thrilled that I was able to achieve a Band 5 in English!Thank you so much to Paul for tutoring me, hope you're enjoying some relax time now!read more
Ruth Geisler
Ruth Geisler
00:06 18 Nov 14
Save My HSC has been a wonderful support for my son Konnor during his senior studies.Not only is Paul there to guide... him through his assessment tasks, but also offers advice on surviving this stressful time. He is approachable and understanding.My son has gained confidence and looks forward to his weekly sessions.A big thank you to Paul and the team at Save My HSC.read more
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About the Founder

Paul has been tutoring for over a decade. He knows exactly how to prepare students for their English studies. From essays to creative writing and all the comprehension in-between, he will build skills and confidence in students. Paul earned himself a Master of Publishing at the prestigious University of Sydney which has honed his reading, writing and teaching abilities. His secret weapon for sharpening student grades is his immense love for literature, film and art. Paul knows and understands all the well-known texts, and he always does his best to fire a tiny piece of this devotion into the minds of the people he teaches. He assists students in weaving contextual information into succinct, comprehensible paragraphs.

“…the river is everywhere at once, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains, everywhere at once, and that there is only the present time for it, not the shadow of the past, not the shadow of the future.”
Herman Hesse

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