everything you need to know about hsc english
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Everything You Need to Know about HSC English

everything you need to know about hsc english

A one hundred page syllabus document; modules; core texts; related texts; area of study and two completely different HSC English exams. To most students commencing their HSC, this terminology is on par with a foreign language. Success in HSC English begins with understanding exactly what this course is about, what is expected of students and more importantly, what the marker is looking for in your essays, creative pieces and comprehension responses.

English remains the only compulsory subject in the HSC and is the only subject that must be used in the calculation of your ATAR. Your performance in English will count for 1/5th of your final ATAR, meaning it is in your best interest to know this course inside out. Click any of the links below to find out more about each part of the HSC English course.

The Syllabus

Area of Study


Assessments during the HSC year

The HSC English Exams

Or, download a copy of this guide in word document format

Save My HSC’s complete guide to HSC English.doc

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