How to Write a Band Six Essay



A very wise English teacher (yes, they do exist) once remarked: “there are essays, and then there are the essays they expect you to write in HSC English.” This is one of the most important lessons you will need to apply when figuring out how to write a band 6 essay during your HSC year. Writing an essay that directly responds to the question and demonstrates that you really know what you are talking about is no easy feat. Most students will be able to haphazardly put together a short introduction and give a few examples from their texts that relate to the question. If you have a lenient marker, this may be enough to scrape a pass. However, by making a few changes to the ways you approach essay writing and using some proven techniques to enhance your essays, you can move beyond “just a pass.”

One of the worst things about having an area of study and three different modules is that each unit is so different that you end up changing the way you write and structure essays for each unit that you study.

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