Approaching Texts Course




How does an individual read a book? Simple! First you must bend the spine at specifically the correct section that is beyond the introduction cover details and publishing information found on the first few slips of processed tree bark (otherwise known as pages). Next you must read the scribbles that you find and translate them into meaning. Finally, you get to do the difficult section. You must read and understand what they are saying!

Ultimately, when you are studying a text that can be a book, movie, poem, song or a whole host of other types of media, being able to read and understand the meaning behind the text is very important. Think about what the person who created the work said in what you wrote and do your best to figure out why the story or piece of writing is being presented in the way that it is. An extra bonus can be achieved if you notice how the information in the text is related to the syllabus that you are studying.

Easy! Right?

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This course tells you exactly how  to approach, read and understand texts and the syllabus so that you can find the best quotes to use for writing essays. It gives you a solid strategy for analyzing quotes and understanding how they can address syllabus points.


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