Studying For Your HSC

Studying for your HSC?

It all comes down to this. Most of you will now have graduated and will be doing your final preparations for the HSC English Exams. It is a very stressful time, but rest assured that in a few weeks time it will all be over and you will never have to even think about area of study or modules ever again!

Over the next few days we will be posting study tips, notes and extra practice questions to support you through this critical time in your HSC year.

Studying For Your HSC
Struggling with HSC English?

Today’s Advice

Simply reading your notes will not prepare you for your exams! You should have a concise set of notes about your texts, themes and how they relate to whatever your area of study or module is. However, the best way to practice is to actually try writing practice answers to questions.

Some posts that may be of use to you:

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Remember that time is of the essence-you have 40 minutes to respond to each question. Practice writing answers under timed conditions, and get them marked by anyone who will read them- teachers, friends, family, tutors and even the writers of this blog. The team at Save My HSC can be contacted here.

It is also important to remember to study start, not hard. Take breaks, stay focused and most of all, find comfort and motivation in the fact that you are on the home stretch!

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